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 Key features of the Farm Schools to be promoted under the ATMA programme are given below:

i. Farm Schools would be operationalized at Block/Gram Panchayat level.
ii. These would be set up in the field of outstanding or achiever farmers. The list of such farmers having potential for organising farm schools in the Block for different sectors will be identified jointly by FAC and BTT and sent to ATMA GB through the Panchayat Samiti (block level elected body of Panchayati Raj Institutions). “Farm Schools” and “Farm School Trainers” for each season will finally be approved by the ATMA GB.
iii. “Teachers” in the Farm Schools could be progressive farmers, extension functionaries or experts belonging to Government or Non-Government Sector.
iv. One of the main activities of Farm Schools would be to operationalize Front Line Demonstrations in one or more crops and/or allied sector activities. These demonstrations would focus on Integrated Crop Management including field preparation, seed treatment, IPM, INM, etc.
v. Farm Schools would provide season long technical backstopping/ training to target farmers by having an interactive session once at least during each of the 6 critical stages in a cropping season.
vi. While selecting the trainee farmers, about 50% representation should be given to small and marginal farmers. Preference may be given to members of CIGs / FIGs.
vii. “Students” will visit Farm Schools as per specified schedule or as may be necessary. “Teachers” may also visit students as may be necessary. <
viii. Knowledge and skills of “teachers” would be upgraded on a continuous basis through training at district/ state/ national level institutions and/or exposure visits, etc.
ix. In addition to technical support through Farm Schools, knowledge and skill of “students” may also be upgraded through training at district/ state level and exposure visits, etc.
 “Students” would have the responsibility of providing extension support to other farmers in the respective village or neighboring villages.


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