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Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) implemented as an important element of National Extension Reforms, started functioning in Thrissur district from 2007-08. The wholehearted cooperation from its stakeholders bolstered ATMA to complete Four years in Thrissur.

ATMA governing body was registered on 23/01/2008 (Reg. No. 33/08 Dt. 23/01/2008). The strategic Research and Extension Plan (SREP) was prepared in April 2008. Rs. 67,06,239/- was spent through ATMA during the year 2010-11 under different programmes.

 The achievements under ATMA Thrissur in the year 2010-11 are mentioned further on.

I.  Farmer Oriented Activities.

i.              Training of the farmers

1.               Interstate Training

Progressive farmers from different blocks of Thrissur district in the field of agriculture, animal husbandry, Dairy & Fisheries were taken to various places in outside state like Tamilnadu, Maharashtra & Uttar Pradesh. This is yet another approach of government to give training to the farmers to share the wide knowledge in farming system.

ATMA-Thrissur have conducted 5  interstate trainings to farmers. 3 Trainings were conducted for farmers of agricultural sector, one each for Animal Husbandry and fisheries sector. 402 mandays of trainings were given to 109 farmers and Rs. 4.02 Lakhs were spent for expenses. Farmers were trained on farm mechanization, modern agricultural practices, modern dairy farming, milk processing functioning of modern livestock farms, cultivation aspects of fodder crops etc.

         A unique training programme was conducted for achiever farmers of the district at important agricultural technology centres of the country. 17 farmers have visited and trained at various institutions such as Jain Irrigation Systems - Jalgaon, NIPHM Hyderabad etc. The Training programme was a grand success and it aroused curiosity and created awareness in innovative farmers.

         Selected farmers of Pazhayannur Block  were trained at Jain irrigation systems, Jalgaon. Farmers of Talikulam, Chavakkad, Mathilakam and Kodungallur Blocks were trained at Dharmapuri, on Precision farming and various aspects of crop management.


2.      Within State Training

54 trainings were conducted within the state covering 833 man days with expenditure of Rs. 6.2475 Lakhs. 17 trainings were conducted by Agriculture department, 18 by Animal husbandry department, 17 by Dairy department and one each by Fisheries and soil conservation departments.

         The trainings of Agriculture Dept  were conducted at VFPCK –Alathur ,KVk Mithranikethan , Bio technology Lab & Model Floriculture Unit- Kazhakoottam, KVK Kumarakam, IRTC-Mundur, CPCRI-Kasarcode, COA Vellayani–Trivandrum, RARS- Ambalavayal, AMPRS- Odakali.

         The training of Animal Husbandry  Dept  were conducted at Livestock Management Training Centre- Malapuzha, RPF-Malampuzha, PDDP Chilling Plant Aluva, LRS –Thiruvizhamkunnu. The training of Dairy Dept were conducted at Dhoni Farm Palakkad, Dairy  Training Centre Alathur, Mattuppetty Farm, College of Dairy Science & Technology- Kolahalamedu and  Malampuzha feed Factory. Training was conducted for farmers from all blocks of the district by Fisheries department at NIPHAT, Kochi. Training on Soil Conservation was conducted at IISR, Calicut

3.      Within district Training                                                  

The major concern of this training is to motivate the farmers under in-situ conditions. These trainings are conducted in field conditions and dealt with live demonstration/ practical for each crop to be taken as per the season. Based on the variety of crops and season, farmers are being made aware and maximum technological knowhow are imparted for sustainable production of crops.

56 within the district trainings were conducted for 956 farmers which includes 956 mandays on training Rs. 3.824 lakhs was spent for meeting the expenditure.

18 Trainings were conducted by Agriculture department, 18 by dairy, 18 by Animal Husbandry, one each by Fisheries and soil conservation departments.

The  Training was conducted for farmers from different  blocks of the district at KVK Mannuthy, State Seed Farm Mannuthy, KFRI  Peechi, KAU Vellanikara, SDA Chavakad, Muringoor Farm, Banana Research Station Kannara, ARS Mannuthy, Small Scale Enterprises, Mathilakam.

The training for Dairy & Animal Husbandry Department was at Regional Poultry Farm, Malampuzha, KAU Farm Thumburmuzhi, University Cattle Breeding Farm- Thumburmuzhi, Livestock Farm Chalakudy, KVK Mannuthy, Kerala Feeds Irinjalakuda. Farmers of Chalakudy Block were taken to “ORUMA”-National Livestock Show & Seminar organized at Talikulam.



ii.            Exposure Visits to the farmers

1.            Interstate Exposure Visit

 Farmers were taken to Central Govt./ State Govt. Institutions or Agro Campanies in other States of India - Maharashtra, Tamilnadu & Andhra pradesh etc. Participation in these programmes may be of short duration but it would certainly help our farmers to gain exposure knowledge and share the views of their own and this may at least put impact in our farmers to compare and thereby improving their farming systems.

To expose farmers to new innovations and challenges of modern agricultural sciences 6 exposure visits were conducted by ATMA-Thrissur, to gather technologies from institutions out of state. 281 man days were spent in gathering information through exposure visit and Rs. 1.69 Lakhs was spent as expenses.

         Farmers of Mullassery block had conducted exposure visits to Machinery Motor pumpset Market , Coimbatore. Kodungallur block has conducted exposure visit to Thovala Floriculture farmers fields, Tamilnadu. Fisheries Dept conducted Exposure visit to RGCA Farm, Karackal, Tamilnadu. Animal Husbandary Dept conducted 3 day training at NDDB Training Institute, Erode.


2.            Within State Exposure Visit                                                                                    

Movement of farmers under exposure visit/study tour also conducted within the State also. 54 Exposure visit having 749 mandays were provided to farmers and Rs. 2.247 Lakhs was spent for meeting the expenditure. The Exposure visit  of Agriculture Dept  were conducted to VFPCK –Alathur ,KVK Mithranikethan , Bio technology Lab & Model Floriculture Unit- Kazhakoottam, KVK Kumarakam, IRTC-  Mundur, CPCRI-Kasarcode, KAU Vellayani –Trivandrum, RARS Ambalavayal, AMPRS- Odakali.

         The Exposure visit  of Animal Husbandry  Dept  were conducted at Livestock Management Training Centre- Malapuzha, RPF-Malampuzha, PDDP Chilling Plant Aluva, LRS –Thiruvizhamkunnu.

         The Exposure visit  of Dairy Dept were conducted at Dhoni Farm Palakkad, Dairy  Training Centre Alathur, Mattuppetty Farm, College of Dairy Science & Technology- Kolahalamedu, Malampuzha feed Factory. An Exposure visit was conducted for farmers from all blocks of the district by Fisheries department at NIPHAT, Kochi.

Exposure visit on Soil Conservation was conducted to IISR, Calicut

3.            Within district Exposure visit

As based on seasonal cultivation in different locations for various crops in Agri./Hort. Some specific programmes Trials, Research works, Demonstrations are taken up in farmers fields, Govt. Farms located at various places. . Exposure visit also taken up for participations in the programmes organised like exhibitions, Seminars etc.

56 exposure visits within the district covering various events of importance with respect to Agricultural Technology was organized by ATMA. Main destination was Polima Vanitha  Karshikotsavam, where farmers from all parts of the district had participated


iii.          Mobilisation of farmer groups

(1). Capacity building/Skill development

Now a days farmers form their group like SHG/NGO etc.  to work together in different farming like Paddy cultivation, Vegetable & Flower cultivation and marketing, to help themselves and make economical growth as a whole farmer. In fact ATMA have the provisions of accelerating some support to such groups through organizing capacity building or provide skill development programme or support them financially though not exceeding amounting Rs. 5000/- to 10,000/- as per the provision. ATMA after providing such facilities, also would supervise, keeps follow up approach and supervise the works being taken by such groups.

18 groups of farmers were organized and empowered with adequate technology to mobilize the creativity of farmers as new entrepreneurs. The new enterprises such as floriculture, vegetable cultivation and vetiver cultivation were encouraged and provided with adequate funding.

4 groups were provided with revolving fund to establish themselves as sustainable.


iv.          Organising Demonstrations

Demonstration contains of crops that are categorically done on seasonal basis. It is mainly done as practical part to make farmers aware technically to follow and know actual measures in obtaining high productivity with low input use . The area of 0.40 ha plot size is mainly recommended to take for each demonstration for one farmer in his own land.

133 demonstration plots were organized to create awareness on new technological innovations in various sectors. Rs. 5.31 Lakhs  was spent to meet expenditure for organizing the demonstration plots. Demonstrations include   Trichocard demonstration in Rice, IPM in Bittergourd Mushroom Cultivation, Clean Milk Production, Fodder demonstration, Coconut demonstration, Tubercrops intercropped in coconut, INM in Rice, Rabbit Farm, and Mechanization in Paddy .


v.            Farmer to farmer technology dissemination at demonstration plots.

         “SEEING IS BELIEVING” , Group of farmers from one block are taken to the area where the demonstration are conducted in any fields of activities like Agri, Hort, AH & Dairy to share the knowledge. This is one of the technique to make the farmers know how on the basis of taking up beneficial and proper use of land to harness the good produce from farming.

To empower the farmers equipped with new technology, 135 Farmer to Farmer technology dissemination plots were organized by ATMA. Agriculture department have organized 32 plots, Dairy, 8 plots and animal husbandry organized 18 plots. Rs.2.025 Lakhs was spent to meet the expenditure. Different plots for visit includes Chembakkassery Farm, Malabar Goat Farm, Vettilapara Ex-Service man society, Haritha Agri Services


II.          Farm Information Dissemination.

i.              District level exhibitions

“Polima Vanitha  Karshikotsavam”, the District level exhibition was conducted from January 1st  to 3rd 2011, at Panangad higher secondary school, Mathilakam block. Union Minister of state for Agricluture, Prof.K.V.Thomas  inaugurated the function in presence of Sri. K.Radhakrishnan (Honorable Speaker).  Sri Mullakkara Rathnakaran(State Agriculture Minister), S.Sharma (Minister of Fisheries). The Minister of Revenue, Sri. K.P Rajendran was present throughout the programme. About 5000 farmers participated in various activities. Rs. 1,00,000/- was spent as expenditure by ATMA.


ii.            Information Dissemination through Printed leaflets

Important messages were printed as leaflets and distributed among farmers with assistance from ATMA. Rs. 60,000/- was spent for meeting such expenses by various departments.

III.       Research – Extension – Farmer (R-E-F) linkages.

i.              Farmer Scientist  interactions

In motivating and bringing awareness in the farmers, programme like ‘Farmers- Scientists Interaction’ stands as most important way which our cultivators really come to know the solutions to their many of the problems. This is one of the platform where both the Scientists of different  subjects in agri/hort/AHVS and the farmers met in one point.

One  farmer – Scientist interaction was conducted in the district.

         The department of Agriculture has conducted interaction of farmers and scientists of Kerala Agricultural University. Therambil Ramakrishnan, MLA, formally  inaugurated the interface The Scientists shared their views on problems faced by farmers and also proposed strategies to solve problems. Farmers also suggested measures to manage field problems


ii.            Farmschools

32 Farms Schools are organized to make farmers aware of the field applications by innovative farmers. 24  Agri farmschool and 8 Dairy farmschool  were conducted during the year .Rs. 9.4124 was spent to meet expenditure in this regard.

iii.          Kissan ghosties

14  Kissan Ghosties or gatherings were conducted with participation of innovative farmers and eminent scientists. Rs. 2.1 Lakhs  was spent to meet the expenditure. Kissan Ghosties  conducted by Anthikkad, Chalakkudy, Chavakkad, Cherpu, Chowannur, Irinjalakkuda, Kodungallur, Mala, Ollukkara, Mathilakam, Pazhayannur, Vellangallur and Wadakkanchery blocks.


iv.          Support to local level Researchable issues

As per ATMA Cafeteria,  Rs. 92000/- was spend for a project on ‘Validation of microbial cultures for biodegradable solid waste management’ proposed by KAU, Vellanikkara which includes training on solid waste management and recycling.


IV.        Other Innovative activities

ATMA- Thrissur Introduced a new project ‘Haritha Santhwanam’  under ‘ other innovative activities’(E 2)

               Introduction of agriculture and allied activities in wastelands in the premises of a pain & palliative care unit

               Fully utilised 10 acres of land at ALPHA pain clinic, Edamuttam, Thrissur (Paddy -  2 Ha, Banana - 2 ha , Fodder - 2 Ha, Vegetables - 2 Ha, Ornamental garden, Fish culture, Dairy unit for 10 buffaloes)

               Approved  by IDWG and allotted Rs 2 Lakhs


ALPHA – A Brief description

               The Pain and Palliative care society located in Edamuttam, Valapad Panchayath, Thrissur Dist.

               Managed by a trust of civic minded palliative care workers.

               Five full time doctors and 50 staff involved.

               Provide service to 3000 ailing chronic ‘or’ non curable diseased patients.

               Rehabilitates the invalid homeless and neglected patients

   Public donation is the only source of income

   Possess 10 Acre cultivable waste land on lease

ATMA  - Our Intention

   To provide relief and mental relaxation for patients ailing from disastrous diseases.

   Introducing an innovative concept – ‘Haritha Santhwanam’    ( A sort of Horticulture Therapy)

   To generate income for palliative care unit.

   Transfer of newer technologies to the farming community.

   Better utilization of land.

   To generate additional employment opportunities.

We started…

   ATMA Officials approached ALPHA Administrative Members with a novel proposal to take up agricultural activities in the premises of ALPHA Pain Clinic.

   Meeting between Alpha Administrative members and ATMA officials

   Understood that Agricultural activities provide a great relaxation and comfort to the patients.

   The members described about ALPHA Activities

   Discussed the possibilities of ATMA Activities that could be applied in the ALPHA Palliative Care Clinic

   Decided to visit the clinic on 01/07/2010

   Inaugurated on 24/07/2010

   Inaugural Function of Haritha Santhwanam in ‘Punarjany’ Auditorium of ALPHA Pain Clinic, Inaugurated by Sri. T.N. Prathapan, MLA by lighting the traditional lamp.

    Vegetable Cultivation – First Seed sown by Sri. Mohammed, cancer patient of ALPHA clinic.

   Upland Cultivation – Sown the paddy seeds by Smt. Sarojini, patient of ALPHA in the presence of Hon. MLA.

   Paddy Transplanting - inaugurated by Sri. T. N. Prathapan, MLA

   Fodder slip planting by Dairy Extension Officer and Hon. MLA

   Introduced the fish fingerlings to the pond by Hon. MLA and Fisheries Sub-Inspector.

   School Students participated in each and every activity of “Haritha Santhwanam“.                 

Future Perspectives:           Action plan for 2010-11 has been prepared, with financial target of Rs. 91.7375 lakhs. Trainings, Exposure visits, Demonstrations, Farmers Field Schools, Farmer awards, Group awards, printed leaf lets, farm schools, Kissan melas etc., will be conducted as per ATMA cafeteria.


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